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Yoga at Home

Holistic Energy Classes 

Reiki 1: 2/19 10am-4pm
Reiki 2: 3/19 10am-4pm
Nahant, MA

Early Bird Pricing
$150 per class

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Burn out, anxiety, depression, fatigue -

our modern diseases can be alleviated energetically.

Learn how to harness the power of energy healing with your own hands.

This class will teach fundamentals in energetic self-healing using ancient wisdom of Reiki, Kundalini, Yogic and Holistic practices.

Become certified in Reiki 1:

Learn how to balance your chakras, release trapped emotions, and master self-healing techniques for greater balance in your body and clarity in your mind.

Advance your healing abilities in Reiki 2:

Learn how to strengthen your reiki healing with symbols, locate chakra imbalances, learn distance healing techniques and crystal manifestation.

Early Bird Pricing $150 per class

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Meet Your Teacher
Danielle Bentz,
Reiki Master Healer

Reiki changed my life.


The first time I received reiki it felt like all the stress and anxiety left my body. It was the wildest sensation! I never experienced anything like it before. After that session, I was hooked and my greatest passion became healing myself and helping my clients heal.


Reiki gave me the balance and stability I needed to quit medications that weren't serving me and completely change my lifestyle. 

Now I want to share all I've learned to help your healing journey.

In this Certification we will cover

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$150 per class

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