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4-Step Energy Healing Practice

Energy healing is a very empowering practice.


Here is a simple, 4-step process for relaxing your body and mind to create a healing energy flow in your chakras.

You are your own healer

1. Connect - Using box-breathing to connect with your breath and ground your energy. Inhale 4 sec, hold 4 sec, exhale 4 sec, hold 4 sec & repeat 10+ times, until relaxed.


2. Relaxing and opening - Using visualization to imagine your energetic body is opening and expanding to receive energies.


3. Energy flow - Calling in warmth, light and energy and imagining it entering your body through your crown and down your chakra system.


4. Your anchor - Create an anchor to call in energy healing at any time - hold your index and thumb and allow yourself to relax and open for the energy to flow in

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