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Forest Trees

Adventure is Medicine

New experiences rewild us and bring us back to center.


Adventure Medicine pushes us outside of our comfort zone and shrinks our anxiety.

When we adventure with intention, we expand. Giving us energy, healing and possibility.

Plus, adventures are fun!! Playful, inspiring, deep soul medicine that breathes life back into our hearts.

How this magical thing all works

Option 1: Solo Traveler
A custom-curated magical day for your rewilding, deep healing and integration.

Enjoying Nature


You Say Yes to Adventure

Saying yes casts a powerful spell. When you say, "I'm Ready" and show up, you're creating momentum in new directions. 

We have an intake call where you share how you're feeling lately, what you've been experiencing and what you'd like to call in.


I Plan a Magical Day for You

Based on what you share, I plan a custom-curated magical adventure just for you! Whether you need inner child connection, a big release, heart healing, stress relief or creative inspiration. The perfect journey is created just for you!


We Go on a Healing Journey

We pick a date & meeting place, I pick you up and we travel into the unknown together. 

Your day may include beautiful natural settings, inspiring activities, healing rituals, and more!

*Each adventure  is approx. 5 hours including an intention setting ceremony and integration session.

Solo Adventures for CT, MA, NH & ME

Invite a friend or 2 on your journey

Option 2: Adventure Party
I am SO EXCITED to take you on these magical adventures. Expect healing, fun and community. :)

Hiking in Forest

Upcoming Adventure Parties

July 2 - Fun & Free

If you're calling in beautiful connections with nature, having a freaking blast moving your body, letting go of judgement and your inner critic, and growing a community of like-minded people.

July 2, 4-8pm Greater Boston Area

Max 3 adventurers

$33 per adventurer

July 16 - Inner Child Play

If you're calling in deep-bellied laughter & reconnecting with your inner child, mama ocean, new moon intention setting, crafting and laughing with new friends. 

June 10, 6-8:30pm Nahant, MA

Max 15 adventurers

$33 per adventurer

Aug 27 - Witchy in the Woods

If you're calling in meeting a new coven, casting spells and performing full moon rituals in a beautiful natural setting, intuitive readings and meaningful messages from the universe.

July 30, 6-8:30pm 

Max 15 adventurers

$33 per adventurer

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