I believe inside each of us is a limitless potential to heal and transform.


My absolute passion is helping my clients transform their lives.


I empower you to heal, get clear on what you really want in life

and grow your intuition and courage to completely transform.

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Hi, I'm Danielle!

I'm an intuitive Reiki Master, certified yoga teacher and transformation coach.

Reiki found me 6 years ago and changed my life by helping me cope with debilitating panic attacks and anxiety. Since then, I've studied  yoga, tarot, communications coaching and other healing arts. I never imagined my passion for healing myself would turn into a full-time business helping others. I can't imagine a more fulfilling path. 

Now, helping my clients heal & transform their lives is my absolute purpose. I'm so grateful to work with you to build your best life. 

Reiki Treatment

Reiki Healing

Reiki gently opens you up to heal, receive insights and remove any blocks on your way to growth. Completely reset your energy & receive intuitive messages to help you progress on your healing journey.


Astro-Numerology Reading

Reconnect with your life purpose & predict what's coming up in your future with this unique astrology-numerology hybrid reading.

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Tarot Readings

Big questions? Receive the clarity and inspiration you need to move forward with complete confidence.

Sunset Yoga

Transformation Coaching

Rediscover what lights you up and build a life that

gives you soul-deep satisfaction with this unique coaching curriculum intentionally designed for your metamorphosis. This 3 month program will radically transform your life and help you return to who you truly are at your core. 


How You'll Heal & Transform

I believe in the power of empowerment. I share tools and techniques to support your complete metamorphosis.


What My Beautiful Clients Say 

Desert Mountains

"Just like the Moon, let the things that try to destroy you make you more beautiful"


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