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To You

Your 3-Month Soul-Deep Metamorphosis

If you're here, something inside of you is ready for a big, life-changing transformation.


I honor that part of you.


In fact, I'm screaming "Hell yea!" cheering on your brave, inner badass ready to absolutely blossom. 

The Return to You program is about taking your life back & watching everything around you transform.

This program is for you if you:

  • Feel stuck in your growth or healing journey

  • Sick of feeling anxious, stressed, and tired all the time

  • Relationships and work are suffering

  • Ready for change but no idea where to start

You're ready to feel excited (like really, really excited) about life again. 

The main three reasons I see my clients get stuck:

  1. Self worth- don't feel worthy of your big goals

  2. Overwhelmed- spiraling thoughts

  3. Fear- afraid to move forward


This program supports all 3 areas for your life-changing results.

Huge mindset shifts = huge life shifts

And, not only will you transform from the inside out, you'll receive:


  • Daily mindset practices

  • Accountability coaching

  • Tight-knit community of besties

  • Safe space for healing

  • Deepened spiritual experience

  • Support to design your life based on soul-level satisfaction

If you're saying "OMG YES!" and "Am I ready?" and "I want this so bad!"


I see you - Let's do this together!! 

Schedule your free intake call to see if this is a fit for you. Opening spots for a new transformation group this summer!

Next transformation group starts this summer!

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Month One

Own Your Power

Feel worthy of transformation.

This first month is all about reconnecting with your essence - the part of you who's always known you're worthy of feeling good. You'll get super clear on what brings you joy and what no longer serves to make life changes that honor your unique strengths, passions and gifts.

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Month Two

Crystal Clarity

Get clear on the steps forward.

Month two is about building a rock-solid inner knowing so that no matter where you are in your journey, you'll never be lost. You'll receive tools & tips and a supportive testing environment to heighten your intuition and move forward with unwavering confidence.

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Month Three

Brave Action

Build bravery to take action.

This final month is about integrating the new map of where you want to go & actually go for it! You'll learn to face your fears head-on & embrace vulnerability as the magical place that levels-you-up and celebrate big wins along the way to building your dream life.

Growth Incubator for Your Complete Life Transformation

Weekly 1:1 Coaching

Our 1:1 sessions will guide you through each step of the process supporting your unique ways of learning and growing. Expect to access parts of yourself you didn't realize were there and heal on a deep level. Support and accountability are key.

V Supportive


You'll meet fellow badasses going through the exact same process as you. Creating a safe space is KEY. So you can expect to bond, relate, support each other's dreams & cheer the whole squad on as you glow up from the inside-out.


Tips & Tools

You'll be loaded with techniques you get to keep with you forever: guided meditations, journaling prompts, healing modalities,  your own reiki-charged crystals, breath-work and zen-mode quick fixes.

Spiritual Incubator

You'll be developing your intuition while learning powerful spiritual practices to create real-life magic. The final ceremony involves a vision quest journey meditation with a shamaness. Get ready to embrace your inner witchy-side.

Intentionally Empowering


Program Value

You get all of these supportive tools & experiences:

  • Binder with journal prompts, progress trackers and daily mindset practices

  • Weekly video meditations

  • 1:1 coaching to dig deep and heal

  • New friends all going through it together

  • 4 reiki charged healing crystals :)

  • Spiritual experiences:

    • Manifesting​

    • Intuitive practices

    • Group healing

    • Intention setting

    • New moon ceremonies

    • Tarot readings

    • Chakra balancing

    • Shamanic ceremony



Watch Now

Hear From A Coaching Client

Testimonial From Marilyn - Return to You 2021

I recently completed Danielle’s program. This course has transformed my personal as well as my professional life. It has given me confidence and taught me how to stand up for myself. It helped me manage my extreme daily anxiety, and handle situations and events that were once overwhelming. My life is more balanced and peaceful and I am confident that I will be able to handle whatever life puts in front of me. She has taught me tools for empowerment that I will use for the rest of my life.

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Real Results

My clients have completely transformed their lives. 

From ending negative relationship patterns to attracting soul-mate level relationships. To finally pursuing their dream careers and watching their business grow. To making more sales because of major mindset shifts. To healing long-term illnesses.

I help you realize the big changes that you've always wanted to make.

Everyone's transformation story is completely unique.

I can't wait to watch yours.

My Certifications

How my healing journey helps yours:

  • Reiki Master

  • 200hr Yoga Teacher Certification - Kundalini

  • Meditation Instructor

  • Conscious Communications Coaching Training

  • Brigham and Women's Hospital certified reiki practitioner

  • Bachelor Degree in Marketing & Psychology

  • Also trained in: 

    • Numerology

    • Astrology
    • Tarot
    • Dream interpretation

    • Astral travel​

    • Intuitive channeling

    • Ayervedic Philosophy

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